Evangelion NERV skin (Donate) v2.0.1 apk free final

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Don't use Nova Launcher with this one as there is no 4x1 option there. Instead, try something like Go Launcher or ADW Launcher.

This is the donate version, if you enjoyed the theme please purchase this to show your appreciation and to support my future work!

[Wallpaper, Icons],[Editable "PhoneNo","UniqueNo" skins]
Download here: http://ge.tt/4q0JXFU/v/0?c

-[Tutorial and Widget Informations]-
Launcher Grid: Row (6), Columns (4) on Nexus 7. You might want to try other sizes if that does not give you the optimal look. Your homer launcher needs to support widget overlapping. Hide status bar (optional).
Launchers like "Nova Launcher", "Apex Launcher", "ADW Launcher" meets these requirements, but there are tons of other launchers that does it as well.

There are five battery widgets, place the first one and then the others on top.
All widgets are editable in terms of text-color and hotspots, UCCW only supports that much as for now.

* BatteryBar1 1x1 - Battery down to 80%.
* BatteryBar2 1x1 - Battery down to 60%.
* BatteryBar3 1x1 - Battery down to 40%.
* BatteryBar4 1x1 - Battery down to 20%.
* BatteryBar5 1x1 - Battery down to 0%.
* Calendar 1x1 - Month and Date.
* Clock 1x1 - Current time.
* CPU 1x1 - Battery(top),Temperature(left), Humidity(right).
* Memory_calls+sms 3x1 - Last digits = missed calls(left),unread text(right)
* Memory_clock+week 3x1 - Clock(left), Week of the year(right, last two digits).
* Music 2x2 - Starts Google music, or set your preferred player using hotspots.
* PhoneNo 1x1 - Download the editable version, replace with your number.
* Search 4x1 - Starts google search.
* UniqueNo 2x1 - Download the editable version, replace with your unique number.
* USB 1x1 - Battery status
* Weather 2x1 - Condition(top),Tomorrows Condition(left),Low/High Temperature of tomorrow(center), Current Wind Condition(right).
Weather Meter Indicator(green icon), points up when good weather, down when bad.

Choose your weather preference in UCCW's settings.

Contact me via mail if you need further help!

This theme is based on the theme used in "Sharp Docomo Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D" and is NOT associated with any of the official Evangelion products. Note that this is a donate version while the same skin can be obtained without charge from ohp. The whole concepts and design was based on the phone "Sharp Docomo Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D". Link to their official site: http://www.evangelion.co.jp/nerv_keitai/

-[Special thanks to]-

What's new in this version:
- Fixed "not showing in UCCW" issue.
Make sure to open the "Eva NERV Installer" and install the skin after downloading from google play.

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